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The new world rally car should rock!

September 25, 2010

When I first learned that the 2011 World Rally Car will be based on the current Super 2000 I was disappointed.

Disappointed CrazyLeo

Sure, you read the analysis in different magazines, about how nimble and light they are, but you still realize that this ‘cutting cost business’ makes rally less exciting to watch. And you feel bad.

“At a third of the cost these little cars will be neither fast, nor fun to watch. It’s like getting rid of the herocious Group B machines! ” thought the local cops and I had to agree with them, until I went to Finland

On a side note: I do feel unlucky that I’m rallying in the era when we don’t get to drive the Group B cars. However, lately someone mentioned that a good Open Class car is probably faster than the Group B. That made me feel a bit better ;)

Back to the point.

Here’s what I witnessed in Finland. These little go-carts are a hair slower than Group N cars when it comes to acceleration (read: power). BUT!

  1. They are SO LIGHT that they can outbreak WRC cars, never mind Group N! I was watching Surkee at the T-junction. First the WRC cars went by, than the first S2000 car came. When he hit the breaks for the ‘T’, I was sure he’s gonna go off, but he didn’t! The cars are that much lighter and maybe better/newer differentials make up for braking!
  2. S2000 Ford Fiesta

    photo from

    Fiat Punto Abarth S2000

    photo from

  3. Super 2000 are also a lot smaller and that makes them visibly really nimble. Looks like drivers can be more aggressive with them, which is fun for everyone. Maybe differentials play their part as well.

  4. S2000 Ford Fiesta Rally NZ

    photo from

    S2000 Flying Skoda Fabia

    photo from

  5. Suspension travel maybe isn’t as long (tall, high) as on the WRC cars, but it’s HUGE! A lot longer than Group N and Open Class. This also means more speed and a meaner look. Great!

  6. WRC Rally of Finland - Shakedown

    photo from

    S2000 Ford Fiesta Xevi Pons

    photo from

So, ones the next gen WRC car will get a 1600cc turbo motor (which has been developed thoroughly for the Touring Cars around the world) – I’m sure they will be plenty fast, great to watch and to drive!

Now that I have seen it with my own eyes… knowing that it’s about three times cheaper than a current WRC car makes me horny!

Crazy CrazyLeo

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6 Comments to "The new world rally car should rock!"

  • Anonymous wrote:

    Well Leo, manufacturers need to find away to increase the motorsport venues here in North America as well. Cutting costs offering a cheaper car may not be as exciting to watch or compete in, but I still believe there is quite the “bang for the buck”. I for one would love to see more of these cars being built and raced here in North America events.

    Keep up the good driving, you are always fun to watch Leo.

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  • Anonymous wrote:

    great writeup. i’m sure a lot of people are still confused over the s2000 regulations.

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  • Ryan Turner wrote:

    Sounds like the new class of cars will be interesting, very cool to hear your opinion considering you have many stages under your belt.

    I hope I get a chance to meet you this weekend at PFR (planning to spectate… since it’s a local event) You are a standout amongst your rivals. Do you or Can-Jam need any help for the weekend? If so contact me at and I will come do what I can. I service my personal/company 04 STi so I am fairly confident around the chassis.

    I am planning to start my stage rally career soon but this season started to run my car at our province’s only road track Mission Raceway, usually against Rocket Rally built and tuned STi’s.

    Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing/competing with you on the stage sometime in the future.

    Ryan Turner – Owner/Driver

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  • Crazy LeoCrazyLeo wrote:

    People! Really great to see feedback :-) Thanks! Ryan, I don’t think we’ll need help, but please do come by our service for a chat.

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