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First ever media stage experience

October 1, 2010

So, first time ever I went with the big boys to give rides to the media representatives and rally volunteers.

It’s been good fun to beat on the car without worrying about staying on the road. Now the team has to fix the radiator support and do the alignment again :)

It was amazing to make 4 people happy, especially beautiful Nicki, who has never experienced being in a proper car on a stage before. But the best response I received was from a older gentleman, who’s been working events for a while. He said: “Wow, this gives you new appreciation for the sport!”

I have to say, that the shakedown you get from doing this is very helpful. It’s a great a chance to feel the car, make last minute changes, break things that you feel like breaking :)

The rally starts in about 3 hours… Hurry up and wait!


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