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PFR 2010 – having a blast in British Columbia

October 7, 2010

The Pacific Forest Rally officially went up in my Event Rating, but we want more stage miles!!
The conditions were better than perfect: great weather, amazing scenery, good roads, cool cliffs, fun new stages, friendly people, and dedicated organizers.

great-scenery-pacific-forest-rally Great scenery here at PFR!

Let me start with the new stages report: Dillard is a FUN wide roller coaster ride… However, it is too short. Missezula is one of the best stages in the country! Wide, fast, TRULY FLOWING with tighter corners to mix it up! Bravo to the organizers!
How about running them as 1 stage next year? ;-)

pacific-forest-rally-2010-crazyleo-dillard-missezula One of the new stages, either Dillard, or Missezula. Both are great!

The four shorter stages went all right; I especially liked the tarmac bit of Comstock. That “Flat R5/Crest don’t cut” before the tunnel is sick! We need more tarmac stages!!

crazyleo-beast-glowing-night The Beast is working hard

Sitting comfortably in third place was good, but the idiot in me wanted the fight, the drama and the excitement.

So, according to the law of attraction (or whatever you call it), I got what I wanted – the drama started unfolding on the first pass of Helmer Lake stage (23 km long).

Midway through the stage the throttle started sticking… At first it was not too bad, but it got worse and worse as the stage progressed. I had to ride the brakes more and more and on a long downhill stage like that, the brakes had no chance. On the transit, Chrissie made some type of string from zip ties and attached one end to the gas pedal and another end to her wrist – to pull back every time we needed to slow down. The brakes were DONE, left rear caliper was leaking, so Chrissie, Onur (btw, congrats on a good run and your first national finish!) and I had to take the brake line off and block it. 3-wheel brakes.

chrissie-beavis-manual-throttle-release Chrissie Beavis with the manual throttle release on her wrist. Credit to Mathew Young for catching the moment.

Made it to the last stage. Start. 12 km till the end I hit a big rock in the middle of the road, left rear tire flat… Same freaking wheel that had no brakes! Went to lock the center differential – broke the switch!! The blown tire was SOOOO loud, I couldn’t hear the pace notes! Also, because of imperfect timing with ‘manual throttle release,’ I couldn’t use the dog box properly, so I had to clutch all the time. In addition, the dust got worse as the night fell.

Let me tell you, handling the Beast when it has 3 tires, 3 brakes, screwed up throttle and a podium finish in sight, is a handful! We didn’t know exactly how far behind the 4th place team was after the first pass of the stage, so I had to go as quickly as possible. I only spun once… We finished the rally with a good 2 minute gap to the 4th place car. Podium… Champagne … Party… Rallye de Charlevoix is next, here we come!

champagne-celebration-pacific-forest-rally-crazyleo-podium 'Crazy' Leo and Chrissie Beavis finish in third place in their Beast. Credit: Andrew Harvey

Good times!

Big thank you to my racing family: Stewart, Duane, Kevin, Nick, Rich, Sean and Ken for making all this possible. Also, huge thanks to all my fans; your support makes the rallies even more exciting, fun and CRAZY!!

can-jam-motorsports-beast Having a blast in the Beast (Subaru WRX STi, built by Can-Jam Motorsports). Credit: Andrew Harvey

crazyleo-jump-media-stage Scaring some people during the media ride. Credit: Andrew Harvey

caj-jam-motorsports-pointing-at-the-huge-pink-rat Can-Jam team is pointing at a huge pink rat

crazyleo-lestage-antoine Antoine L'Estage and 'Crazy' Leo first time on the podium together

crazyleo-big-andrew-sean-ken-chrissie Big Andrew is the best!

crazyleo-fast-is-smooth Smooth is fast! Credit: Andrew Harvey

great-shot-andrew-harvey Another great shot by Andrew Harvey

crazyleo-amr-stage Smooth is fast! Credit: Andrew Harvey

pacific-forest-rally The stage where Martin Headland and CrazyLeo went off last year. Credit: Andrew Harvey

pacific-forest-rally-2010-crazyleo-neat-smooth Neat and smooth - corner entry

crazyleo-tidy Keeping it tidy at PFR (Merritt, BC). Credit: Andrew Harvey

pacific-forest-rally-2010-crazyleo-podium-00-antoine-chrissie-leo Enjoying 3rd place finish at the 2010 Pacific Forest Rally

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  • Stephen Hollema wrote:

    Wow! Excellent write up Leo! I can’t believe the zip-tie string to pull the throtle back up!?!! Amazing! I’m looking forward to watching this rally when is airs!

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  • hid kits wrote:

    Was an interesting article, thank you..!

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