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Early pace and a big crash at the 40th Edition of the Tall Pines (in-car!)

November 24, 2010

Thanks to all my fans for coming out all the way to Bancroft, it does feel special to see all you guys supporting and cheering for me! No way I’m ever going to stop racing with this kind of support! Too bad we couldn’t make it last longer, I’m sorry for disappointing those, who didn’t see us run :nublin:

CrazyLeo jump before the crash CrazyLeo jump before the crash

Tall Pines 2010 will be remembered as the first rally in my career where I could go fast right off the start. We had tied Pat on stage 1 (were still 9 seconds off Antoine) and beat our time on the same stage last year by 20 seconds. This is huge, considering that before I’ve always been a slow starter.

crazyleo-and-chrissie-beavis-flying-at-the-rally-of-the-tall-pines-2010 CrazyLeo and Chrissie Beavis flying at the rally of the Tall Pines 2010

I’ve analyzed the in-car, there is still a lot of speed to be found in my driving, I’ll learn! Let’s see, how much we will improve next year!

We were starting the second stage ready to go with maximum attack. And we went… to find ourselves hitting a piece of Canada head on at about 100 km/h… too bad it ended so early, but IT WAS A BLAST!!!

CrazyLeo Beast after the crash - credit CrazyLeo Beast after the crash - credit

The accident was a 100% driver’s error. Here’s the in-car footage, sorry for a not perfect camera position.

I have a habit of analyzing everything and writing down the notes after every incident. Here’s one of the many:

Don’t turn out once committed – no way will make the corner. Probably better to hit the back on out outside anyway. Also, the front inside wheel can likely take it, if hit something.

CrazyLeo describing the crash - credit CrazyLeo describing the crash - credit
Can-Jam's Beast Can-Jam's Beast

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3 Comments to "Early pace and a big crash at the 40th Edition of the Tall Pines (in-car!)"

  • Claude wrote:


    Local cops told me a secret… Canadian rally will never be the same!

    Thank for begin CrazyLeo and thanks to Chrissie to be on your right!

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  • Claude wrote:

    Being CrazyLeo not begin ;-)

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  • Sv wrote:

    Good luck next year Leo!

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