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Ride of your life is sold!

November 18, 2010

Congrats to Nick Majors for winning the first shakedown ride at the 40th Edition of the Tall Pines! $400 goes to Bancroft Sled Dog Races.

Nikolaus Nemeczek is the lucky winner of the second ride! The winning bid was $405!

Unfortunately, Nick Majors can’t make it to Bancroft on Friday. Being a long time motorsports enthusiast, Nick decided to donate his ride! To promote the sport the ride goes to the Bancroft Times’ reporter Barry Hendry. Mr. Hendry has been covering performance rally for years and will help our sport to get even more exposure.

CrazyLeo Can-Jam Rally Team and Rally of the Tall Pines thank everyone for helping us to make this happen. More to come in the 2011 season!

SURPRISE! We will do our best to give not 1, but 2 rides to each winner!

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