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Before and after Tall Pines 2010

December 6, 2010

antoine-go-crazyleo CrazyLeo's fans are the best! Credit Richard Bouchard

before the crash

This year before the rally of the Tall Pines we had a great opportunity to help promote physical fitness amongst the local kids in the area.

Ride with CrazyLeo Ride with CrazyLeo

Once again thanks to everyone for supporting the idea of charity rides, we have raised a total of $805 for the 2 rides and made couple of people really happy. I couldn’t hold myself back on that huge jump on the shakedown stage, so that’s going to be definitely something to remember for the lucky winners!

Ride of your life with CrazyLeo Ride of your life with CrazyLeo

after the crash

Our after rally parties have always been pretty good, but this time we must have broken all the records! We started very early because we crashed out on the second stage… I’m pretty sure some of us have been drinking for over 12 hours non-stop.

It has been really cool to talk to many enthusiastic fans, who came over to our service, see the huge GO CRAZY LEO sign, feed people with hot Chili.

CrazyLeo Can-Jam rally team CrazyLeo Can-Jam rally team

What happened later remains history. I will just say that we had TONS of beer donated by the great guys from Camerons Brewing, both at the rally banquet and later at our house party. At 4 AM happy rally people were still passing out on the tables and the floor :-D

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  • Stephen Hollema wrote:

    Nice sign!!!!

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