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CARS AGM in Montreal

January 17, 2011

Stewart Hoo and I were happy to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Association of Rallysport in Montreal last weekend. We were happy to announce that CrazyLeo Can-Jam Rally Team will take part in all the Canadian national events in 2011.

Crazy Leo Cars AGM Crazy Leo at CARS AGM. Photo credit: Claude Lamoureux

It was great to see the members of our rally family outside of an event. A lot of top teams (Pat Richard, Antoine L’Estage, Nathalie Richard, Craig Henderson, Lyne Murphy, Bruno Carre, Yvan Joyal, Jody Zedril, Jan Zedril) were present, Antoine and Nathalie were ready to party late to celebrate their triple crown.

Antoine L'Estage Nathalie Richard Cars AGM Antoine L'Estage Nathalie Richard receiving their Triple Crown. Photo credit: Claude Lamoureux

Brian Hyland challenged Tomoki Yanagawa to take the competition between Subaru and Mitsubishi to a new level. Everybody had a blast listening to the two executives commenting on the 2010 season. Judging by the clapping, Mr. Hyland took the upper hand, so we’ll see what Mr. Yanagawa will have up his sleeve next year.

Brian Hyland Subaru L to R: Terry Epp, Brian Hyland, Tom McGeer. Photo credit: Claude Lamoureux

Nathalie Richard not only had the best dress, but also delivered the best speech with classical rally articulation.

Nathalie Richard AGM Nathalie Richard delivering her speech. Credit: Claude Lamoureux

Craig Henderson and Lyne Murphy won Subaru’s President’s Cut third time in the row!

Craig Henderson Lyne Murphy AGM Craig Henderson and Lyne Murphy. Photo credit: Claude Lamoureux

Too bad Stewart and I had to drive back to Toronto the same night. At least it wasn’t a boring drive… thanks to the snow storm.

Happy rally people in Canada Happy rally people. Credit: Claude Lamoureux

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