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Handling mystery of 2010 solved by Duane!

January 19, 2011

The f*cking snap over steer on exits, when the car is on the outside of corners (any surface, any diff maps!), mystery of 2010 was just solved by Duane Hoo!

If, in perfect induced understeer manner, you manage to get on throttle before apex (yeah, baby!) – you reach fat and sudden max torque right by the exit of the corner – THAT IS WHY the over steer and the need to correct!

Images to illustrate. Mind you, this is one of the toughest corners at Tall Pines: L5>3

To see how this looks from inside the car, go to my Pines crash video and fast forward to 1 minute 29 seconds.

Photo credit: Larissa Lognay

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3 Comments to "Handling mystery of 2010 solved by Duane!"

  • rally driver wannabe wrote:

    This is simple torque steer no?

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  • Crazy LeoCrazyLeo wrote:

    Nope. If I don’t crew the corner up – I floor before the apex, but the snap happens only a second or two after that… which means it has nothing to do with the throttle position, but with the power (torque) band.

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  • Robert wrote:

    I would stay away from any engine mods @ 130K its not worth the risk. You can hevewor rebuild it with a stroker kit which would make your4.0 a 4.7 and have all the power of a V8 out of your in-line six. If you don’t want to go that extreme you may consider changing your axle gears from the stock 4:10 to a 4:56 or a 4:88 this will increase your low end torque and would be a fraction of the cost of a rebuild on the engine.

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