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Last weekend

January 27, 2011

In the previous Friday post I’ve mentioned that on the weekend we are going to do the track day on snow and ice and after that compete in the first round of the rally cross in Bancroft.

I thought I’d bring you guys up to how that went.

The track day was very good: lots of snow in the beginning, slowly turning into ice, slowly turning into polished ice. All kinds of winter conditions – great! I gave rides to a lot of people, everyone loved it. Only problem – some people were cutting a bit too much, next time we need more heavy duty pylons.

Bastard @ Cayuga Winter lapping Bastard and CrazyLeo @ Cayuga Winter lapping. Credit: Han Stanley Wu

Thanks to Dov for organizing all that.

Oh, there was a guy with a BMW X6 on summer tires! Leaving from the track I saw him in the snow bank, waiting for the tow truck ;-)

Kitchener waterloo rally club logo

From Cayuga I went to the KWRC awards banquet, where Steward Hoo gave a great speech about the history of Can-Jam Motorsports and talked in detail about running the Subaru Canada factory team with Tom McGeer and Patrick Richard.

From there Bastard and I took off to Bancroft… to find ourselves stuck behind the snow plows. An hour later the plows were cleared. It was getting colder and colder! In Peterborough the thermometer showed -28 C, we pressed on to… blow the motor about 60 kilometers from Bancroft. We later learned that the valve has dropped. The car could still drive on 3 cylinders. At 4:50 AM the rescue team was deployed from Toronto.

Despite our efforts, Bastard’s heart couldn’t have been rescued, so we couldn’t compete in the rally cross. We limped home on 3 cylinders and 9 of us went out the same night to celebrate Bastards’ new heard, that Stewart has already started building ;-)

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3 Comments to "Last weekend"

  • Artik-Phaser wrote:

    Hi Leo, is it me or bastard was charcoal last summer ? Is this the same car that Antoine drove at BDC ?

    What’s happening with miss Beavies as co-pilot for Perce-Neige ?

    See Ya

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  • CrazyLeo Net wrote:

    Yes, this is the same car, it’s white now… after another roll (number 3)

    Mr Headland is co-driving for PN.

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  • Stephen Hollema wrote:

    awww, i didn’t know about the track day :( I would have beat you with my fwd! Maybe thats why you didn’t tell me…hmmm

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