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Last weekend

February 2, 2011

In the Friday post I said that on the weekend we are going to be breaking in the new motor for the Bastard.

Well, the testing went a little further than that -;)

crazyleo-can-jam-beast-bastard-winter-testing CrazyLeo Can-Jam Rally Team pre-Rallye Perce-Neige testing results

Yes, today I turned 26. Is it wrong to feel 17 despite that? I don’t think so!! Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! To be honest, I’ve never gotten this many birthday wishes before, I love it!

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2 Comments to "Last weekend"

  • Artik-Phaser wrote:

    Haha did you lose some of Bastard parts ? :P Did you smash a deere or what ? lol

    Ohh and I can see The Beast is also missing parts…(low bumper)

    Good Luck for Perce-Neige !


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  • Stephen Hollema wrote:

    I don’t remember that happening…

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