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Cuba Day Tres — Friday

March 5, 2011

Previous day: Cuba Day Dos — Thursday

9:25 Can’t wait to sink myself!

9:47 So how is it done?

9:53 First ever diving experience was great! It’s a really unusual feeling to be so deep under the water and feel calm and not feel the need to go up to get some air. The best part is chasing the fish –;)

9:59 Surprisingly, Caribbean Sea doesn’t have too many bright colors and fish. Need to try Red Sea.

14:35 After two dives: I’m definitely coming back!

17:40 What a great day!!

20:04 Californication gives a good laugh after a crazy day of running on the beach, diving in the sea, celebrating it, sobering up while trying to snorkel, and getting ready for a Cuban lobster dinner.

Next day: Cuba Day Cuatro — Saturday

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