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Cuba Day Uno — Wednesday

March 3, 2011

Previous day: Getting there – Tuesday

7:20 Thoughts: what would the local cops do, if they saw a crazy guy running naked around hotel property at 7:20 am?

8:04 Fleshly squeezed orange juice is SOOO sweet here, that I couldn’t resist asking, if they add sugar in it. Nope. Apparently, at this time of year, because of the cold (cold for the locals, haha!), oranges are naturally sweeter. Nice!

10:06 The goal is not to get sun-fried. This means hiding in the shade for the next 4-5 days.

12:12 It feels unnatural to breath in and breath out only with your mouth, but you get used to it. The BCD is a great device!

12:18 I loved it! Even in the pool. It’s very cool that you can breathe-in nice cool air while being under water! Something new and exciting!

12:34 The crash course is over, can’t wait for Friday – first real dive!

16:17 Let the gin tonic begin.

16:40 The weather here is just perfect!! Heat from the sun with the ocean breeze make for a perfect combination. Comfortable room temperature conditions all the time. Great!

17:02 Trying to be organized. Wow, using pen and paper, no cell phones and lap tops!

17:12 BTW, Cuba is in the same time zone as Toronto and NYC.

17:40 End of day one in Cuba.

Next day: Cuba day dos – Thursday

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