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CrazyLeo goes to Cuba

March 2, 2011

Cuba: Caribbean Sea, very friendly people, defeated socialism, Russian cars, bad roads, perfect weather.

I’m very excited to be flying into the summer!!

Starting today, for the next 7 days I will publish my report from a week-long trip to Cuba. To help the reader live through the experiences, I’ve chosen a format of a diary. Understandably, there’s going to be a 24-hour delay, i.e. Tuesday’s events will be published on Wednesday.

Getting there  – Tuesday

14:52 How long before the flight do you get to the airport? Me – just over an hour before the flight, that way there are no cues.

15:08 YYZ has the fastest moving walkway! Anyone seen faster?

15:20 Person’s Terminal 1 has great burgers to go with the view!

19:36 After Toronto’s 10 degrees below zero, we were all really happy to land on an island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea: everyone was clapping like crazy!

20:03 I’m learning how to use a bus.

21:10 Cerveza Christal – the closest beer to the equator I’ve even had!

23:15 Went to rinse the feet in the Caribbean Sea. The moment is too intimate – no pictures taken.

0:05 A group of cool people in their late 40s has occupied a large round table at the bar and started singing.

0:30 The Big Dipper and a half moon are tilted about 45 degrees here! Cool!

Next day: Cuba Day Uno — Wednesday

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