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Last day in Cuba — going back, Tuesday

March 9, 2011

Previous day: Cuba Day Seis — Monday

13:49 While packing I couldn’t believe that in less than 12 hours I’m going to have to use this hated accessory, called a winter jacket! I don’t want to go back into the winter.

14.48 Checkout was at noon. No one has even asked us to leave the room yet. I like Cuba. By the way, I’ve hardly ever left any hotel on time and have never been charged extra. To hell with timed check out! We demand a 24 hour stay: if you check in at 9 pm, you should be able to stay till 9 pm next day.

End So, that’s it. One of the things that I will remember the most is how friendly and helpful locals are. Next time you see a lost tourist studying the map, take a minute and stop to help them find a way. I will also miss the prefect weather, when the temperature is just right all the time.

Viva la Cuba!

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