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3 questions — most important person, Gary Busey

March 16, 2011

First one

If you had to pick one person that has been the most influential on your rally career who would it be?
See you at Rocky!

— Duane Hoo, if I had to pick one. But also his dad Steward and brother Kevin.


On a scale of crazy from 1 to Gary Busey, how crazy are you?
Looking forward to the answers!

— Gary Busey + 1!

Very Crazy Leo Very CrazyLeo Very-very Crazy Leo


Leo, do you think VW will enter WRC any time soon?

— They’ve achieved a lot in Dakar, they’ve had Carlos Sainz drive a VW course opening car on some of the WRC events, so I would guess that yes, they will. Also, with the new world rally car specs, other manufacturers, like Mini (BMW) and even Saab are starting to show their interest.

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