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3 questions — Schumacher’s return to F1, crusial in rallying

March 23, 2011

First one

Who is going to take the pole in Australia this weekend?

— Mark Webber.


What do you think about Michael Schumacher’s return to F1?

— I haven’t been a big fan of Michael before, but after his return I am! I admire his decision. A lot of other people who have retired maybe want to get back, but they are afraid that they won’t be able to shine like before and they are frightened to lose! And afraid to hear what public will say when they get beaten. That’s not like a champion should think!


Almost all great drivers have started doing it because they loved it, so if they feel like returning – they should COME BACK and don’t give a dam about what everyone else has to say! Live the dream!


What’s the most important to be fast in rallying?

— Good pace notes.

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