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3 questions — best driver alive, Senna crashed into Prost

March 30, 2011

First one

From all the different kind of 4 wheel motorsport, who’s the best car driver to live up to this day?
From my standpoint, I’d go from Loeb but I’d be interested in knowing what you think.

— A tough one, Vincent! I even had to consult my team… Opinions varied, from Senna (oops, doesn’t fit) and Schumacher (but until recently) to “can’t answer like this, need to categorize by the discipline.”

But since the answer has to be mine: I’m leaning towards Loeb, just because looking at results he is the greatest. Schumacher is 7-time world champion also, but not consecutive, but then the F1 is a lot more competitive than WRC in the last few seasons. But if you look at Le Mans, Tom Kristensen’s achievements are huge.

But then I thought more about it. What does “best car driver” mean? You’re not asking, who’s got the most titles and wins. I think, the best driver should also be a fan favourite, should be entertaining outside the car, interesting to follow… be more, than just a driver. So, I say, it’s Marcus Schumacher.


What do you think about the way Ayrton Senna crashed into Alain Prost to win 1990 F1 world championship?

— You mean this crash?

This is what I think:

Were you bullied as a kid?

— No, I’ve never been into fighting and have never been great at it, but I could always talk my way out of any trouble.

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