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3 questions — FWD vs RWD, road surface

March 9, 2011

First one

If you had to drive 2wd, would you choose FWD or would you take it in the back?
Looking forward to the answers!

— Dear Eric,

If I had to be competitive, I’d take a front wheel drive car, because (never thought I’m going to admit this!!) they are faster on loose surfaces. But if I was doing an event just for fun, I’d take a rear wheel drive car and I’d drive the wheels off the thing!


Are personal questions allowed?

— Dear Amy,

Of course! Isn’t it what everyone always wants to know about? Some dirty little secrets -;)


What is your favourite road surface?

— Dear Sean,

Gravel, gravel, gravel! It’s the most fun! I could talk for hours about how great it is to race on dirt, but in short it comes down to:

  • The sheer brutality of the action – a lot of the time it’s impossible to take a street car doing 20 km/h on the roads, that we drive at a 100, that’s how rough it gets!
  • The right amount of grip, thus a lot of sliding, but not too slippery to make it slow (to me it actually reminds downhill skiing).
  • A lot of elevation changes which makes everything 3-dimentional.
  • Constantly changing conditions (stuff gets dug-up or cleared).

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