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Friday post — new theme!

April 1, 2011

In the past I’ve tried posting something fun every Friday to celebrate the best day of the week. I didn’t like how it went, so I’ve stopped.

But people love Fridays (I love them even more now, because there’s racing on the weekends!) and later Mathieu Leblond suggested to post a good motorsport video every Friday. So, here we are!

As always, if you’ve got a video you want me to post, e-mail me about it:

I will start with arguably the best ever rally compilation: “All about rallying”. It’s 13 minutes long, but it’s well worth it! Close your door, shut the phone down, turn the speakers up, get it to full screen and let yourself go.

The best moment is at 01:31, when they take off. Just listen to that music!! …and at 3:43 ;)

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P.S. This weekend I’m finally going skiing to Mont Tremblant.

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1 Comment to "Friday post — new theme!"

  • Kevin wrote:

    Enjoy your weekend at Tremblant! Wave when you drive past my house on your way up the 15. :D

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