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Friday: Motorsports — Evert Second Counts F1 WRC

April 15, 2011

We love Fridays, so we post a good motorsport video every Friday. Tune in!

Great inspirational motorsports compilation with bang-on quotes — „Every Second Counts“. Features F1, WRC and more.

I especially like this: „[Motorsport] … think very carefully, because if you ever start, you will never be able to leave it alone.“

Ari Vatanen: „Life is not just about the perfect results, I’m sorry, that’s boring. Life is all about entertainment. Life is about living it to the fullest.“

All quotes by:
0:13 — Donald Campbell 0:36 — Ayrton Senna 0:42 — Jackie Stewart 1:22 — Jackie Stewart 1:27 — Juan Manuel Fangio 1:37 — Ayrton Senna 1:47 — Ron Dennis 2:02 — Ayrton Senna 2:06 — Mika Häkkinen 2:09 — Ari Vatanen 2:11 — Ayrton Senna 2:40 — Donald Campbell 2:46 — Ari Vatanen 2:50 — Ayrton Senna 2:59 — Ron Dennis 3:05 — Martin Brundle 3:08 — Ayrton Senna 4:07 — Ari Vatanen 4:24 – Ayrton Senna 4:36 — (Quote from Colin McRae) 5:03 — Ayrton Senna.

If you love racing and your friends don’t understand your passion, make them watch this video.

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P.S. This weekend I’m gonna be playing a doctor. Hopefully, the patient will appreciate it -;) Maybe we’ll even their comment here after the weekend.

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3 Comments to "Friday: Motorsports — Evert Second Counts F1 WRC"

  • Jeremy B wrote:

    My two, all-time favourite quotes! Vatanen and McRae’s!!!

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  • Crazy LeoCrazyLeo wrote:

    “We’re here for a good time, not a long time!”

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  • Blake H wrote:

    Think very carefully, because if you ever start, you will never be able to leave it alone.

    Patient says Thanks alot! :D

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