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Interview to World Rally Sport — about going road racing!

April 20, 2011

Dear followers, no 3 questions this Wednesday. Because we have a special treat for you! I was talking to World Rally Sport about trying road racing… to get better in rallying. Here’s what they wrote.


Canadian rally driver ‘Crazy’ Leo Urlichich is looking to expand his skill set by venturing into road racing to gain tarmac driving experience. The rising CRC star has begun the application process for his CASC Ontario Region road racing license and expects to be competing before the end of the 2011 season.

Urlichich, who is known to be an avid Formula 1 fan, has already experienced some on-track success by winning a couple of lapping days and a CSCS Time Attack event. After trying his hand at road racing, Urlichich was surprised by what he learned, “Before, I thought racing on the track was all about being very smooth, but after actually doing so in a decent car I realized that you’ve got to be aggressive like hell! For example, there’s no way you can always brake that late in a rally!” Paired with Can-Jan Motosports expertise in circuit racing, Leo is determined to diversify with the goal of racing the Honda Indy Toronto and competing wheel-to-wheel.

Crazy Leo believes that adding road racing to his repertoire will enhance his ability to take better lines in gravel rallies and prepare him to eventually contest tarmac rally events abroad. Urlichich was slated to run the all-tarmac Rally Tennessee later this month, but had to cancel after a sponsorship deal did not materialize. His U.S. rally debut is now postponed, with the possibility of entering the New England Forest Rally in July, the final round of the Rally America Championship.

Crazy Leo has also expressed interest in running Global and U.S. Rallycross, but would not confirm any plans to participate this season. Leo’s 2011 Canadian Rally Championship program remains unchanged. His next appearance will be at the Rocky Mountain Rally in late May, where he will sit with Irish co-driver Martin Brady for the very first time.

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