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Motorsport’s great Sir Frank Williams — spinal cord injury

April 18, 2011

If you’ve heard what a car is, you’ve probably heard the name Williams.

According to the almighty Wikipedia, Frank Williams is founder and manager of the WilliamsF1 Formula One racing team. To me he is definitely one of the motorsport’s greats. And I can’t find where I can buy his autograph!!

One of the most catching scenes in F1 has always been seeing Sir Williams in a wheel chair. I even think that in the “Driven”, Stallone’s boss is in the wheel chair because of Frank.

If you’ve ever wondered, what has happened, here it is:

Spinal cord injury

A car accident in March 1986 in France resulted in Williams sustaining a spinal cord injury and becoming a Paraplegic. While driving a Ford Sierra rental car from the Paul Ricard Circuit to the Nice airport, Williams, who wasn’t wearing his seat belt, lost control of the car which then rolled over causing him to crash into the roof and resulting in a spinal fracture. Williams’s passenger Peter Windsor sustained only minor injuries. Since the accident, Williams has been confined to a wheelchair.

…kids, wear seat belts…

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