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3 questions — driver’s routine before the stage start

April 13, 2011

First one

What do you do before the start of the stage to get ready?


— Honestly, I suck at this. Can’t figure out a perfect way to do this. Chrissie Beavis, my ex-co-driver, told me that I need to relax. Now, that’s not easy to achieve, when you’re about to start the stage. Here’s what I do 5-6 minutes before checking in (that’s 7-8 mins before the start):

  1. I put my helmet and gloves on and close my eyes.
  2. No talking. Only exception is a pretty girl is marshaling.
  3. Stop thinking about the stage, the driving, the notes. Nothing you can learn at that point. Just trust your skills.
  4. Don’t think any thoughts. Don’t think about anything.
  5. The thoughts will still come. Acknowledge them and let them pass by without thinking them. Hard to do – but it helps to imagine that those thoughts are just clouds that are floating by.


What are you doing right now?

Good luck at Rocky! Jane

— Fighting with a stupid video converted that wouldn’t work properly!


What do normally you have for breakfast?

— Either a bowl of serials or a fruit. Or just some toothpaste.

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