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3 questions — WRC power stage, fast driver, hill climb

April 6, 2011

First one

1.  Thought of a question for your three questions. What do you think of the new power stage at the end of the wrc events? Is it cool, or tacky?

— I like the idea, it’s something new, mixes it up a bit, and the best of all – makes drivers push hard even at the very end and gives the fans a chance to see more of driver’s emotions. Those rally drivers are already amazing, but the need to get it all together for 1 stage at the end will make them even better, even more ‘complete’. The Champaign podium after the power stage is a bit lame.


2.  What do you need to be a fast rally driver?
Thank you, Liz

  • Some talent.
  • Passion and devotion.
  • Great team.
  • Good co-driver and pace notes.
  • Good equipment.


3. What do you think about the pikes peak hill climb [...]?

— It must be great fun! Very cool to see the cars setup up so low for gravel. Too bad they are paving more and more of that road. I’d still love to do the climb one day. Isn’t it amazing, that the driver knows the road so well without notes?

When you watch this Ari Vatanen “Climb Dance, take note that he’s struggling to turn in.. the car had crazy power, but didn’t have sophisticated differentials like today’s rally cars. Seeing people drive like that makes you wonder, how they practice -;)
By the way, I think that Vatanen is one of the craziest drivers ever!

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