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3 questions — driver’s routine, road racing, new WRC rules

April 27, 2011

First one

How do you physically and mentally prepare for a rally? (Long term and short term)

— Last time I talked about my routine before the start of the stage.
To prepare physically, I start working out more 4-5 days before the event, I try to get into a better sleeping schedule, exclude alcohol.
I don’t have any mental tricks to prepare for the rally… at least for now.

I have tremendous stamina when it comes to racing, I can go on for hours and hours, as long as I can drive flat out.


Last week WRS talked about you going racing. Does this mean you are thinking of switching?

— Not at all! The main reason for getting circuit experience is to get better on the rally stages… and to have fun. I’ve said before, I have a lot of respect for tarmac drivers, I’m very passionate about F1 (especially now, when it’s exciting again), but rallying and racing on gravel is in my heart.


What do you think about the recent WRC rules/regulations changes?

— I’m on board with the changes, both in the WRC and F1.

WRC — less expensive cars have already attracted new manufacturers, which is good for everyone. Also, it’s easier for the privateers to start competing at the top level. And the new cars are still fun to watch, even S2000 cars are fun to watch, as I’ve reported here.

Also, it’s always a good idea to introduce new regulations (new cars), when the sport has been dominated by one team/driver.

These days, people like Michelle Mouton are talking about making events longer to bring some of the endurance back into the sport. Right now WRC events are just a sprint. As a driver who can never get enough, I really hope this happens.

F1 — just compare a race from Schumacher’s glory days with any race in 2010 or 2011: without traction control, with KERS, DRS and so on — and you’ll understand that F1 right now is FUNKIN EXCITING to watch!

Not sure who exactly is responsible for all this, but I guess we have to thank Mr Jean Todt, the current FIA president.

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5 Comments to "3 questions — driver’s routine, road racing, new WRC rules"

  • Kevin wrote:

    Personally I still find F1 is F-yawn. I tried to watch the first race in Australia because I’d heard there was so much new stuff going on that it was bound to be exciting. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. The DRS is a joke. It is SO ridiculously restricted that I fail to see the point. It can only be used on a limited stretch of track, it can only be used by the trailing car, it can only be used if said car is less than a certain amount of time behind the preceding car… etc etc etc…. boring. It’s nothing but a needlessly complex (and horrendously expensive, I’m sure) “push to pass” button like Indycar has.

    Leo, do you ever watch endurance racing? ALMS, European LeMans series, ILMC, etc? That stuff is awesome.

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    Crazy Leo

    CrazyLeo Reply:

    Kevin, watch CHINESE GRAND PRIX and you’ll change your mind. One of the best races ever.

    I kinda thought the same about DRS before, but after watching couple of events I changed my mind: if they allowed to open the wing for longer, overtaking would have been to easy.

    Yes, I do watch European LeMans.

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  • Alex Korovkine wrote:

    Are you doing any workout drills like Ken Block?

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    Crazy Leo

    CrazyLeo Reply:

    No :)

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  • Yoga wrote:

    v. Eldik Powerrrrrrrrr,hij die alles geeft en alles durft mag weleens een fojute maken.Hij geeft gewoon meer dan 100% en zorgt voor strijd en spektakel

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