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3 quotes — Donald Campbell, Paulo Coelho and Dos Equis

April 12, 2011

I started this blog because I am really excited to share my passion with people. Passion about our amazing sport, rallying. But not rallying alone. I am also absolutely in love with LIFE. One of the things that makes me horny — is collecting interesting, smart, or funny quotes. It’s a kind of magic, when a ‘piece’ of wisdom gets compressed into a single sentence.

From now on, every Tuesday I’m going to share 3 quotes. Some about life, some about racing, some just for fun.

About motorsport

„Think very carefully… because if you ever start, you will never be able to leave it alone.“
— Donald Campbell

About life

„I know many people who are going nowhere at an alarming speed.“
— Paulo Coelho


„His personality is so magnetic – he is unable to carry credit cards.“
— about the Most Interesting Man in the World.

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