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3 questions — co-driver, pretty co-driver

May 4, 2011

First one

When working with new co driver, how do you approach the relationship?

— Like it’s more important than the marriage! Jokes aside, driver — co-driver relationship is extremely important and sophisticated, therefore difficult.

Full-time WRC and IRC drivers spend more days a year with their co-drivers, than they spend with their families. This is not the case for me yet, but still, on the week of the rally I spend at least 4-5 days in a very close company with my co-driver.

And let’s not forget, that one wrong pace note can cost a life to either one. Same goes back, driver’s error can and, unfortunately, have in the past, killed co-drivers.

To me it’s crucial to have a friend in my co-driver, not just a professional pace notes reader, and we all know that friendship requires a lot of work to be built.


What qualities do you look for in a co-driver?

— Good looks! I mean, didn’t I have some of the best looking co-drivers in North America? -;) Here’s a picture of Chrissie, myself and two really tall fans at 2010 Baie des Chaleurs.


Would you vote for Donald Trump?

— Don’t know, but I’d sure as hell enjoy the campaign and debates!!

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