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3 questions — Rally Finland, Rally America, and a psychologist

May 18, 2011

First one

Are you going to Rally Finland this year?
crazy fan

— YES! Last year’s trip was great, but this year Martin Brady and I are doing recce, renting dirt bikes to spectate and more!


Do you ever plan on doing an entire Rally America schedule, or only select events outside of the Canada schedule?
Casey Szink

— This year hopefully we’ll run two events in the US. One for sure.

Next year we’re hoping to run all 6 Rally America rallies, but we can’t say for sure now.


Have you or do you plan to hire a life coach; nutritionist, psychologist?
Thanks Randy Samson

— Yes, but later. There’s the right time for everything. Right now I need to tame myself to stop crashing and finish events to get seat time.

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1 Comment to "3 questions — Rally Finland, Rally America, and a psychologist"

  • Casey Szink wrote:

    Good to hear I will finally be able to meet you if you run those events! I will be going to at least Sno*Drift and 100 Acre Wood next year, hoping to go to more as a crew person!
    Good luck, and keep up these 3 questions posts!

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