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3 questions — Rocky Mountain Rally tips, strategy and rallying out West

May 25, 2011

Today’s 3 questions are from our beautiful rally fan, volunteer and a soon-to-be competitor Nicki Beverley.

First one

This week it is the Rocky Mountain Rally – you should give some tips for new competitors,

— This year’s Rocky Mountain Rally features only two roads, but the organizers are promising considerable stage mileage of 195 kilometers. This means that it won’t be as challenging as usual in terms of the variety of roads, but the multiple repeats of the same stages should be used as a unique (for rallying) chance to play with notes, setup of the car and different racing lines.

It’s very rare that rally teams get to try the same corners more than twice in one year, that’s why it’s so hard to get the setup right. So, look at it as an amazing, fun and a long test, learn new things about the car and about yourself. Don’t go ten tenth on the first runs through, because you are not learning anything when you are driving at your limit. Unless stages will be cancelled, there will be enough time to risk it all towards the end.

A tip from Irishman Martin Brady: „Enjoy it, it’s meant to be a hobby, not a headache, but we are here to enjoy it and don’t let yourself forget that!“


discuss your game plan for the rally,

— The big news this weekend is that our team became ever more international! Martin Brady, a very experienced co-driver from the Guinness country, called Ireland, stepped in to risk his life alongside me. Martin is a police officer (YES, YES!) and I believe the real reason he’s here is to make sure I behave!

Last gravel rally, when I was asked about the strategy, I said that the plan was to go all out from the start… I couldn’t have been more honest: we tied Pat Richard and Alan Ockwell on the first stage and made our flamboyant exit with a crash and a fire on the second! Read about it here.

RMR is only the 24th rally in my life and a lot of those before have ended prematurely. As much as I love to push at the limit, try to take that ‘R5/C’ (right five over crest) just that little bit faster, use just a bit more road… I have to keep it on the road and get the mileage!

So, the game plan is to learn as much as we can, stay on the road, learn new toys on the car and get used to some Irish tricks with the pace notes. And, the most important: enjoy the rally and have fun!


and what you think of racing on the West side of the country?

— The road out West are generally a lot smoother than on the East side, there are mountains (big drops and great views)… and at least at the RMR the weather always sucks!

Here’s what Martin has to say about rallying on the West coast: „So far it’s very wet!“

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