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Friday — tribute to Henri Toivonen (video)

May 13, 2011

Let’s celebrate this Friday with a nice tribute to Henri Toivonen. As some of the best motor sport compilation videos, it is made by Antti. Music by Nightwish.

Did you know, that Nightwish is a Finnish band? finflag

The fireball at the end of the video is actually the accident that killed him and his co-driver… Only the good die young.

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1 Comment to "Friday — tribute to Henri Toivonen (video)"

  • Patel wrote:

    I love watching the Group B foogate, especially the less commonly available stuff on here. When trying to describe to people what Group B was like I say that the men were men and the cars were animals.I’ve also said many times that the safety problems were just an excuse for Jean-Marie Balestre eradicate the threat to F1, Group S was ready to take over and would/could have made the cars safer for the crews, after that it would just have taken some effort to marshall the stages properly.

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