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3 questions — Black Bear Rally, US events and JEMBA, and the Beast

June 8, 2011

First one

What is your strategy for this weekend’s Can-Jam Motorsports Black Bear Rally and why do you enter regional events?

— Black Bear Rally is a great event worth doing for many reasons. It’s run mostly on the roads used in the Rally of the Tall Pines, which are very challenging and have 40 years of history. Sometime we call this rally a “Summer Pines”. The weather is good and, unlike Tall Pines, there is no way it’s going to snow. Also, the event offers over 100 kilometers of stage mileage, which is very good for a regional. Besides, it’s close to home (Toronto), which makes it easily accessible for my friends to come and spectate.

The strategy is similar to the one in Rocky Mountain Rally — get the experience with the new co-driver, new parts on the car and new pace notes system. Because Rocky was cut so short, I’m running out of mileage to get comfortable with all the changes before the biggest event of the year – Rallye Baie des Chaleurs.

For those who want to come see us rally, here’s the event’s website. Headquarters and service park are located here.


Why, despite talking about it, you still haven’t gone to compete in the US?

— Mostly due to financial reasons. But also, I’m willing to choose some of the good regional events in Canada (like Black Bear) over the US events, because in Canada I can get experience rallying on my own pace notes, whereas in the US we have to use JEMBA notes, which is very unfortunate, because JEMBA doesn’t give you any practice of writing notes, and that’s one of the most important things for any rally driver.

Having said that, we are still trying to make it down to the US in the very near future. I’m looking forward to some good competition!


Why don’t you change to Beast to a newer version STi? Don’t you need the newest equipment to bring the challenge to Pat and Atoine?
Jim S.

— Purpose-built rally cars have so many modifications and so few stock parts, that it hardly matters if the chassis is 2005 or 2010 style. The Beast is perfectly capable and still has enough for me to tame. Unless a sponsor comes along and they want to see a brand new car, I’m going to be rallying the Beast.

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