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3 questions — Rocky Mountain Rally sucked and more

June 1, 2011

First one

How did you like to have a European co-driver sitting with you at Rocky Mountain Rally?

— First of all I have to thank Martin Brady for taking the time to join the team. It felt like we worked well together, but, frankly, there was not enough time to be able to tell! We had 72 kilometers of stages. That’s just over a fifth (!) of what a WRC event gets! And that’s after towing the rally car for 3200 kilometers each way!

I don’t understand why, knowing that there’s snow on the forecast, we didn’t have a snow plow working away through the night. I have many other questions, but I give up asking, because I can’t see any progress. Unfortunately, our championship is becoming more and more mickey mouse and next year I will think very seriously about doing some of the US rounds instead of the Canadian. The days when Canadian Rally Championship had 9 rounds, including spectator-packed Rallye de Quebec and Charlevoix are long gone, and I don’t seem them coming back ;-(


I would like to know what do you think about the Canadian rally fans and which country have the best rally fans?
Nick, Rallye Defi devoted spectator

— After watching WRC with crazy crowds, Canadian rally fans don’t seem to be too passionate. And, there are not enough of them on the stages. The exception is Quebec, fans from Quebec are very active and passionate. Especially at Rallye Baie des Chaleurs and Rally Defi’s tarmac stage in Montpellier.

World-wise, looks like the craziest fans are in Latin America and Scandinavia.


Hey you, question for your site. What do you think of the new WRC Mini?? Also, what do you think of VW joining the WRC in 2013?
Steve Hollema

— It’s about time the manufacturers saw the opportunities in the World Rally Championship. Of course, I’m delighted to learn that Mini and VW are joining. Hopefully, they will be competitive soon. I think VW is taking a bit too long, I thought they would started in 2012, but, I guess, they want to get it right first. And, I can’t wait for the brands like BMW and Audi to battle it out on the stages!

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5 Comments to "3 questions — Rocky Mountain Rally sucked and more"

  • Kevin wrote:

    VW is definitely taking WAY too long to get in.

    They were already “interested” back in early 2009 when the new WRC rule was first proposed with 2.0L NA engines. VW stated back then that they would only be interested in joining the WRC if the engine was to be turbocharged, preferably 1.6L… so fine, that’s what the rule was amended to be.

    Now it’s taking them nearly 4 more years to start racing? They already have a VERY successful Super2000 car (the Skoda that’s almost dominating IRC right now) so are they SO slow that it will take them until 2013 to design a new aero package for the Polo and build an engine?

    C’mon VW… at least pretend you’re trying.

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  • Anonymous wrote:

    I also think it’s taking them a long time to build a WRC car and it is only going to take them longer to really be competitive, but once they build and sort out the car it should be fast. I say 2014 till we can see all 4 manufacturers battling for top honours.

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    Kevin Reply:

    Really? Given that this is VW, and the egregious amount of money they will spend to guarantee results, I see them getting a podium in their first 2 or 3 event, and winning within the first 5 or 6 rallies they enter.

    Don’t forget, the Polo shares a platform with the Skoda Fabia, which is already winning consistently in the IRC. The skin will be different, but most of the substance is already well developed.

    VAG does not like being beaten… and Germans are notoriously stubborn. ;)

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  • CrazyLeo Net wrote:

    >and Germans are notoriously stubborn

    true, but than you get Mercedes GP who, despite having a car that won the title 2 years ago, can’t deliver a victory

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  • steve wrote:

    Could VW’s slow progress have anything to do with them having a lot of their resourses tied up in DAKAR? I read that they are pulling out of Dakar, and using that group of guys (mechanics, enginers, etc.) to form the WRC team.

    I agree with Leo with the comment “they want to get it right first”. I think the Germans will only start a Rally when they know that their product is good for a podium. And if you look at the sucess in Dakar, I think they have a good chance!

    I wonder who will be the drivers??

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