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Power Stage for Canada and the US?

September 19, 2011

Looks like power stages are proving to be a success in WRC. Fans love it, teams seem to enjoy it, even Mr Patterson got a proper feel for it in Sweden.

I personally think Power Stages are great, because they make the team push like crazy at the end of the events and it looks simply amazing!

Let the rally community know what do YOU think, vote now:

Would you like to see Power Stages in Canadian and US Rallying?

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You can also vote on my facebook page here.

A Power Stage is: “A new concept for 2011, the Power Stage will be shown live on television around the world and will award bonus championship points (3-2-1) to the fastest three drivers. It will feature on all rounds of this season’s WRC and will form the final stage of an event.” (

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