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Hand-over-hand STEERING – the ONLY PROPER WAY

February 24, 2021

The only correct way of steering, which is called hand-over-hand steering technique.

Remember that steering is the most important control of the car. Not the brakes, STEERING.

- start with hands in 9 and 3 position, thumbs in
- turn right until your arms are crossed
- at that point move the bottom hand to the top of the wheel (12 o’clock)
- keep turning, when your right reaches 3 o’clock, put left hand also to the top of the wheel (12 o’clock) and continue
- to turn back the other way, repeat the same procedure, just turning left

You are probably watching this video because you are about to take one of our Race Lab courses.
If so, here’s what I’d like you to practice before the course starts.

- take your coat off
- get in your street car, go to an empty parking lot
- put the car in drive or first gear and let it coast. The car will move at about 5 km/h
- start from the initial position (9 and 3), go full lock right, then full lock left
- again full lock right and full lock left
- then straighten the wheel
- Do this again but starting from the left, like this
- Do it 4 times until you straighten again
- Go again starting from a different direction

I want you to train you muscle memory so that these moves are natural and you don’t have to think about them at all.
And you must be able to do this fast.
Do this for 5 minutes on the parking lot, take a break, go for another 5 minutes.
If you are not comfortable after 2 sessions, go again.
After you can do this comfortably and quickly on the parking lot, start practicing it on the roads in your daily driving.
Practice it as much as possible between now and the start of your Race Lab course. It will make a huge difference.

If you are not taking our course, please still get good at this. I promise that one day this will come in very handy and being good at this will make you a much better driver overall.

This technique is used in racing and rallying, but it is just as important for anyone who drives regular cars, at regular speeds, every day.
I personally know 2 people who have suffered long-lasting injuries in accidents on a very straight highways, because they couldn’t correct their cars quickly enough when they started sliding.

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