Crazy Leo:

“The impossible takes a little longer.”
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I am a rally driver. Thanks to my mentors Can-Jam Motorsports, my friends and family, I’m living the dream!

Founder of Canada’s best Advanced Driving School Race Lab.

#DestinationWRC: 2014 Drive DMACK Fiesta Trophy
#CRC: 2017,2019 P4WD Champion


“Crazy Leo” a.k.a. Leo Urlichich
Russian-born Canadian
Rally Driver
2-time Canadian Rally Champion (P4WD)
Key word
183 cm (6 ft)
73 kg (161 lb)


WRC, F1, ERC, DTM, Le Mans Series
Astronomy, Physics, Science-Fiction
Alpine skiing, traveling, analyzing


Marcus GrönholmAyrton SennaPetter Solberg
Queen, NightwishDeep Purple, Scorpions
Arthur Conan Doyle, Harry Harrison, Isaac Asimov
Runaway Jury, Wag the Dog, V for Vendetta
TV Series
Highlander, House MD, Lie to me
Dustin Hoffman, Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson
DuckTales, Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers

Growing up I was mesmerized by watching rally greats like Marcus Grönholm, Ari Vatanen, and Colin McRae driving their rally cars with reckless abandon. Years later my own driving style, passion for the sport and spectacular crashes, earned me the nickname ‘Crazy Leo’.

I’ve discovered the miraculous sensation of traveling sideways very early in life. Long before I officially could.

My rally obsession started from the time I crashed my street Subaru into a fence trying to persuade a BMW salesman to let me test drive the new BMW M6. My argument was that my slightly souped up STi was just as quick, so driving an M6 would not be a problem! As it turned out, I never did get that test drive, however this enlightening experience made me realize that rally cars are way safer to go through fences than street cars.

That night I ended up at Can-Jam Motorsports, and that was the start of an amazing journey.

I’m proud to be one of the youngest performance rally winners in North American rally history, and to have a world class co-driver Carl Williamson to work along side me. We are working hard to take on the world.

Leo 6 months old 6 months old, in my first vehicle

Q and A

Why do you rally?
What is your current career objective?
— To establish myself as a competitive driver in the World Rally Championship.
First ever rally car?
— A 2004 Subaru WRX STi, called “The Bastard”.
Your best race to date?
— 2012 Rallye Baie des Chaleurs, when we beat the certain champion on pace for the first time.
CrazyLeo 8 months old HappyLeo, 8 months old
One thing/person, you wouldn’t have been able to start rallying without?
— My mentors, Can-Jam Motorsports.
Dream rally to win?
Rally Finland (1000 lakes).
Favourite surface?
— Gravel.
Favourite type of stage?
— Fast, narrow, with blind crests.
What would you like to race, if not rally?
— Definitely F1… or a space shuttle.
CrazyLeo 4 years old 4 years old
The most valuable advice that you received in your life?
— First and foremost, be a good person.
Favorite food?
— Sushi (not maki!), seafood, and a special Georgian pork kabob.
What do you collect?
— Quotes.
Favourite quote?
— “The impossible takes a little longer.”.
Best experience outside of rallying?
— Skydiving, the moment you leave the plane.
Favourite street car?
— Rolls-Royce, Ferrari.
Favourite science?
— Astronomy, physics.
CrazyLeo 6 years old other people started with go karts Trying to drive a bus at the age of 6
Are you an early riser?
— Not always, but trying.
Skiing or snowboarding?
— Skiing, because it’s much faster :)
Favorite color?
Orange and purple.
What would you do on a Sunday night?
— Go to the movies.
Do you like interviews?
— Yes, because I love sharing my passion for life with people.
What do you hate?
— Hypocrites and liars.