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  • 3 questions — driving tips: turn initiation, apex, exit

    June 23, 2011

    When it comes to driving techniques, we’ve already talked about left foot braking. Today the same dedicated reader Randy Samson asks me about a few other driving tricks and I’ve got the perfect pictures from the Can-Jam Motorsports Black Bear Rally to illustrate the answers. Hope you folks find this helpful and it makes your [...]

  • 3 questions — left foot braking (LFB) in rallying and not

    May 11, 2011

    This Wednesday’s 3 questions are all from Randy Samson and they are all about a very important driving technique called left foot braking. First one Do you use lfb? — Of course, and there is no way to drive a rally car without using left foot braking. I believe, that LFB should be also used [...]