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CrazyLeo’s way to test HANS device and Reiger shocks

October 26, 2010

CrazyLeo thinking about handling problems at 2010 Rallye de Charlevoix CrazyLeo thinking about handling problems at 2010 Rallye de Charlevoix

First of all I have to say that I was extremely excited to do Rallye de Charlevoix because of its amazing history! A BIG thanks goes to Can-Jam Motorsports for making it possible.

I got even more excited when I found out that Dave Mirra has decided to come and play in beautiful La Malbaie. Fighting with the drivers that are close to you is the best thing ever!!

Beast ready to go win 2010 Rallye de Charlevoix Beast ready to go win 2010 Rallye de Charlevoix

1 pass recce with the notes provided by the organizers wasn’t the best thing, but it added to the challenge.

Stages 1 and 2 went well for us. We were pushing hard, but kept it under control. Gravel tires didn’t seem to work at such low temperatures (+3 C), so the Beast wasn’t handling like it should. But everybody was in the same boat, so it’s ok. Dave Mirra and Marshall Clarke were slightly quicker on the first stage, but unfortunately went off at the end of SS 2. Marshall was a bit shaken, but a visit to the local doctors (not to get confused with the local cops, who were very active this week-end) and the beers seemed to have healed the pain.

Dave Mirra and Marshall Clarke 2010 Rallye de Charlevoix Dave Mirra and Marshall Clarke 2010 Rallye de Charlevoix

Chrissie and I were really looking forward to stage 3, because it was a proper, 35 kms long test! We knew that Dave went off and we could have probably cruised to the end… but I couldn’t resist the FUN of taking it to the limit on these amazing roads!

Beast with Chrissie Beavis and CrazyLeo Beast with Chrissie Beavis and CrazyLeo

Charlevoix has very fast and wide roads that flow quite well and really suit my driving style, so despite a solid lead I decided to have fun and put a great show for the amateurs de rallye Quebecois!

CrazyLeo attacking the corner CrazyLeo attacking the corner

About 8 kms into the stage (Bataram), we hit an embedded rock on the braking which led to a puncture. Wasn’t a hard hit… oh well, a bit of bad luck. Stopped, changed. Continued, enjoyed passing a car on the stage. By the way, the best way to watch a rally car racing is to catch it from behind, looks sick!! The Beast picked up some electrical problems from the water splashes.

As we returned to service, I realized that we couldn’t have caught first place on pace alone. Of course you can never give up in racing, so we kept pushing as much as we could with our 1 pass notes. 2 passes on La PAX were ok, hope the people liked it :smile-hm:

Second and last service of the rally. I’m being myself.

CrazyLeo being himself CrazyLeo being himself

As we left service I realized that something was wrong with alignment and the handling on the stages proved it. The car was ok in the left corners, but very oversteery whenever I turned right. To be honest, it didn’t bother me much, because whenever something like this happens, you try to learn how to handle the car with the problem you’ve got. It’s a very valuable experience. Big thank you to my team for making me look at the problems this way. It works.

'In like a Lamb, out like a Lion' 'In like a Lamb, out like a Lion'

At the start of the last stage I was ready to go all out to see how much time we would make up. It’s a really long stage and you never know what can happen. Helmets on, belts tight, lights on, GO! … 10 kms until we hit another rock that also was on a racing line! Another flat tire on the same wheel (left front). It just wasn’t meant to be.

I am not going to say what happened after, instead I will share some of the notes I made after the rally:

Charlevoix 2010 crash lesson 2 – spare tire won’t work as well. It is cold. Might be wrong direction. Might have different cuts and/or compound! Will cause understeer if put on front.

Chrissie Beavis said it best about this week-end:“At least it wasn’t a particularly disappointing DNF… we’ve kind of built up to it.”

Chrissie Beavis modeling for Can-Jam Chrissie Beavis modeling for Can-Jam

Stewart Hoo: “Ding on the fender, ding on the suspension… other than that she’s perfect! Reigers tough as rocks!”

Heart of the Beast Heart of the Beast

Bonus track: Can-Jam Fixing the Beast in the middle of the night on the stage and Stewart Hoo giving the commentary :-)

PS: They guys had to go into the stage with the service truck and fix the car right there. Duane later enjoyed driving the last 20 kilometers of this unforgiving stage

romantic full moon repairs by can-jam at charlevoix 2010 Romantic full moon repairs by Can-Jam at charlevoix 2010

charlevoix 2010 leo crash front Charlevoix 2010 Crazy Leo crash front view

charlevoix 2010 leo crash lf wheel Charlevoix 2010 Leo crash LF wheel

charlevoix 2010 leo bent tie rod Charlevoix 2010 leo bent tie rod

charlevoix 2010 leo crash side view Charlevoix 2010 Leo crash side view

crazyleo made friends with this tree at charlevoix 2010 Crazyleo made friends with this tree at Charlevoix 2010

bash watching can jam family fixing the beast at 1 am at charlevoix Bash watching Can-Jam family fixing the Beast at 1 am at Charlevoix

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  • Stephen Hollema wrote:

    that tree was clearly in the way!! hehe

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  • MmoGuillermo wrote:

    Et oui les filles, c’e9tait du grand de9lire notre dernie8re trsnae au Pacha mais qu’est-ce que e7a nous a fait du bien de nous le2cher ENFIN !!!Oui le retour e0 la re9alite9 est un peu dur pour moi aussi qui gravite sur d’autres plans, mais c’est comme e7a Bisous Odile

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