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Historic Tall Pines brings my FIRST NATIONAL WIN!

December 12, 2011

My dear friends, we have finally done it!

I’d like to share what myself, co-driver Martin Brady and the team has said after the event. And, as always, some great shots for the fans we love!

«This victory is a testament to the amazing effort of our entire team. Tall Pines is a very challenging event and luck was on our side… but luck only comes to those, who work hard! To have my first win just 100 kilometers away from the university I graduated from feels truly special. I am also very happy that we managed to keep Rally of the Tall Pines crown in Canada. Besides, this win puts us into a solid second place in the 2011 Canadian national championship!»
— “Crazy” Leonid Urlichich

Credit Claude Lamoureux

«It was an epic event from the outset with a huge challenge posed by the arduous nature of the stages and the quality of the entry list. I knew after recce it was going to be a busy event and it played out just like that. We started the event not as fast as we would have liked and it took the first two stages to settle down and dial ourselves in. Antoine L’Estage was going very fast but the Tall Pines roads bit back and mechanical failure put him on the sidelines. We were now in our stride and went into Mayo Lake a stage we felt suited us, and it did because we came out of it leading the rally, we stayed clean but fast and David Higgins and Pat Richard succumbed to punctures. Not a surprise given the rough bedrock in that stage which Leo clearly managed to drive around!

It was a lead we were never to relinquish and now came one of the most challenging tasks of my competition history, to keep Crazy Leo on the road for another 100km at a speed that was just enough to win, we had a 3 minute lead and we played the percentage game so well, knowing we were going slowly and bleeding time to Higgins but as part of a game plan. Can-Jam fettled us excellently in every service and just like the whole season gave us a car fit to be fast and lasting. The last stage was a nervous one we still had 29km to go but the plan and the team effort all culminated in success and we returned to Bancroft as winners of Canada’s most prestigious event.

It was a great honour to be part of the team this season and to see our names on the Tall Pines trophy beside all the luminaries and legends of North American rallying was and will be one of my proudest memories in motor sports, a fitting end to the season.»
— Martin Brady

«A lot of sacrifice and dedication has been put in by the team. It’s a testament that hard work still pays off and to finish the season in style by giving “Crazy Leo” his first Canadian national victory on such a historic event, is a dream come true. He truly is “Living the Dream”!»
— Can-Jam Motorsports

Left to right:
Stewart Hoo, Nicholas Hoo, Mac Calder, Kevin Hoo, Martin Brady, Christopher Ko,  Blake Hoo,
Leonid Urlichich, Charlie Papapetrou, Duane Hoo, Sean Smith, Jason Hoo

Special THANK YOU goes to our epic co-driver Martin Brady!
You’ve kept us on the road for 7 events in a row and that brought us 7 podiums, including a national win!

Credit Eric Choi

Credit Michel Matton

Credit John Merry

Credit Rob McNeil

Credit Eric Choi

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