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Carl Williamson about 2012 Snow Drift Rally

January 31, 2012

Is snow and ice interesting without studs? Very!

Is crazy Leo ‘actually’ crazy? Very!

Will I do it again? Hell yes!!

There’s nothing weirder (and scarier) than driving flat in 6th gear down roads that you can’t even stand on!

It truly was a great rally and I have to take my hat off to those volunteers that stayed out in those conditions to enable the rally to run as smoothly as it did. Unfortunately, we had various fights with the snow banks and scenery and we also had an issue with running on 3 cylinders at one point. One of the results of these incidents was that with all the backfiring and impacts, we blew out the internal baffling of the catalytic converter.
Unfortunately, even after battling back to snatch 3rd, the stewards decided at post-event scrutineering that this was an intentional move for increased performance. What would have been better in that ice was half the power!!

However, we have lodged a protest against the decision and we are sure that Rally America will arrive at a fair decision based on the information we have given them.

Looking ahead, we have Rallye Perce-Neige this weekend and we hope to emulate the potential we showed on Sno*Drift.

A big thanks to Can-Jam Motorsports for preparing a great car and of course to Crazy Leo for driving the socks off it…:)

—  Carl Williamson

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