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Mixed feelings and unexpected turns of 2011

January 17, 2012

Crazy Leo Can-Jam Rally Team

If I had to sum up the 2011 season in one sentence I would say: “We’ve accomplished more than I could have predicted at the beginning of the year, but we haven’t reached the expectations that I had at mid-season.”

To understand the present we need to remember the past. We had finished 2010 on a downer with 5 straight DNF’s including 4 crashes in a row. Something needed to be changed… so what do we do, crash again, at the first event of the 2011 season – Rallye Perce-Neige.

Soon after, thanks to one of my dearest rally friends, a breakthrough followed. That was the partnership with an experienced Irish co-driver Martin Brady. Through his hard work and dedication, Martin proved to be the force I needed, to stay on the road, and he was great fun at all the parties.

As consistency improved, I decided to conduct a bold experiment by introducing major changes to my ‘pace note’ system. It took nearly two events for me to realize that the changes were NOT working. The understanding came at Rally Defi, where a lot of my friends couldn’t understand, why I wasn’t happy with a second place finish… instead, I was so disappointed, because by then, I knew that all the hard work we had put into the new notes, was not working.

We went into the last three events (Pacific Forest Rally, Rallye de Charlevoix and Tall Pines) with nearly a brand new ‘pace note’ system. The consistency was there, but the speed wasn’t. Yes, we had led rallies briefly and had some good battles… hell, we even won one of the most prestigious rallies on the continent, and finished second in the National championship, but we were never there on pace.

I will say this again: I won’t be happy until we have the pace to win rallies. Therefore, 2012 will bring even more hard work for the team. We will compete on both sides of the border – trying ourselves in the Rally America Championship and I will have a new co-driver alongside me. I’ve already met with him in Europe and it looks very promising!

I know we’ve improved in 2011, but the competition has gone forward as well. We are closer than we’ve ever been and I am definitely even more hungry for success, and still passionate about our amazing sport!

Warm regards and thank you to my family, the team, friends, organizers, volunteers and sponsors… you people are the ones who make it all possible!

P.S. Tomorrow we will announce, who the new co-driver is. Will post a short video interview that we shot on an iPhone in Bulgaria.

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2 Comments to "Mixed feelings and unexpected turns of 2011"

  • steve wrote:

    good write up Leo! Thanks for sharing that :)

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  • Anonymous wrote:

    All good things start from Bulgaria! Happy New Year!

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